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Blue Screen on driver install, how do I fix this?

Question asked by intech on Feb 4, 2019
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The title isn't totally accurate I need to explain.
On 03/02/2019 my computer blue screened with the code THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER.
After a process of elimination, I discovered the problem was the graphics card.
I attempted to install new drivers.
The computer refused to install the drivers without a signature.
After a bit of research, I deactivated the need for a signature and attempted to install it again.
Every time I tried to install the new drivers it starts Blue Screening again with the same THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER code.
After a bit more research I discovered that it might be a compatibility problem with the Intel graphics device built into the motherboard.
I uninstall the Intel graphics device.
The AMD driver installs, it does not blue screen.
Instead, I get a mess of graphical ghosting made of random shapes.
Eventually, the computer restarted and is now running a generic VGA driver.


I have a Firepro W7100 series
I have the latest version of Windows 10.


Is there a way of fixing this?