Radeon R7 445 force

Discussion created by nicu098 on Feb 1, 2019


I buy a laptop Dell inspiron 5567 with Radeon R7 m445 and i have some problem with this grafic card.

1. In AMD software say i have the R7 m440 not m445, but i install m445(ATTACH)

2. How can I force the grafic card to run in game. For example I play "Clone Drone In The Danger Zone" and the game ocasionaly run Intel Grafic Card. After last update 19.1.1 this problem disapear, but now play in 30-45 fps and with Intel grafic card play in 50-60.

3. In some game like "League of Legends" with Vertical refresh OFF, frame rate is restricted at 60. And in game i put the restriction on 100fps. 


Thanks for help!