R9 fury X flickering,freeze image and black screen

Discussion created by hunter- on Feb 1, 2019
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I have serious problem with my r9 fury X card

I wanted to say first time when I installed the card I receive the message:Graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered, and I set TDR in regedit to value 8 .I downclock in bios speed memory ram from 1866 to 1600 and for now it seems fine,the message don t appear,but sometime my image freezing with buzz loud noise and all I can do is to press hard reset.Not to mention sometime when I watch a movie,or I navigate on youtube, I hear a short buzz noise and disappear.In games or in another application the card is OK no artifact,no overheating, but was bothering me is that buzz loud noise and I don t know and don't understand why is doing that.Sometime I lose signal with black screen for 2-3 second and then image returned sucesfully with no artifact on the screen.I tested many version driver and with all driver the behavior is the same.Is the driver or my video card is dying? 

I have many video card and all card doing fine, but this fury X Is the first video card who have annoying behavior

What can I do?I can throw the card?