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I need to silently install Radeon software 18.Q4.1 for Firepro GPU

Question asked by rayb on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by kishore

Hey guys, 


I'm looking for command to silently install this amd software from the command line. I looked online and in the forum, which only leads me to


"setup.exe /unattended_install:"..\Packages\Drivers;..\Packages\Apps\ACP64;..\Packages\Apps\AppEx;..\Packages\Apps\CCC2;..\Packages\Apps\CIM;..\Packages\Apps\DnDTranscoding64;..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx64;..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx86;..\Packages\Apps\WirelessDisplay64"/autoaccept_all /force_hide_first_run /force_close_when_done /on_reboot_message:no"


Which is for an older version and does not work. AMD's Setup.exe /help, command switchs are useless and do not work. Can i get some real help from someone who works at AMD?