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Gpu core stuttering and blackscreens ingame

Question asked by gordonramcock on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by hardcoregames™

So a few days ago it started stuttering after I died and respawned in Arma 3. So I thought it might be the overclock. I disabled the oc and it worked fine. Now it stutters in 3dmark and ingame. I've tried all the steps like ULPS disable and power save disable and it is not working. Also now when I try to enter arma 3 my screen just turns black and the game crashes, like a bad oc crash. My card doesn't overclock nearly as close as it did before. Before I could get a 1400mhz oc without problems. Now I can't even get a 1350. Have I broken my card?

Temps are fine. Yesterday arma 3 was blackscreening but I fixed it by disabling power state enhancement and I got around 52c max on normal core clocks. Today the game won't even start and 3dmark is stuttering whatever I do. I've tried installing newer driver, older drivers, removing every third party oc program.. Nothing is working please help I am thinking of just throwing the card into the bin.. One thing that did work was when I tried 3dmark when I had no drivers installed, It had no stutters and was running fine but you can't really run the pc without gpu drivers in a daily basis.

My setup:

i7 9700k at 5ghz

Samsung 850 250gb ssd

2tb seagate barracuda

Asus Rx480 strix 8gb. I know it is big bottleneck but I don't feel like upgrading my gpu right now.

Noctua D15 cpu cooler

Corsair cx650m psu