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My monitor supports 10bit but cannot be enabled in Radeon setting

Question asked by sakuramichitsuki on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by 3dr14n

CPU: 2700X

MB:MSI X470 Carbon

GPU :R9 390

OS :win10

monitor: benq ew3270u

i get a new PC

In the beginning, Microsoft installed the driver for version 17.1.1 for me.

In the 17.1.1 driver, my monitor supports 10bit, and windows also tells me that it is 10bit.

I then updated my driver to version 19.1.2.
I found that my monitor can only choose 6bit and 8bit, no longer have 10bit options.

Windows also told me that my monitor is 8bit

How can I solve this problem?

thank you