can t choose 1600x1200 at 60hz with game mode TV

Discussion created by hunter- on Jan 28, 2019
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cheers community,

one short question.Why I can t choose resolution 1600x1200 at 60 hz on my Samsung tv with chroma 4:2:2 or 4:2:0?If I shoose custom reso is set to 60 hz BUT with 4:4:4 and my TV is automatically set to standard and Game Mode is not available and automatically I have lag on standard picture .With my old gtx 980ti I can go with 1600x1200 with 60hz on my tv with game mode active.My video card is fury x sapphire,and tv is Samsung uhd ku406092u.

If I set gpu scaling ON, it unlock only 3 resolution: 1280x720,1776x100 and 1920x1080.

Someone know how to unlock 60 hz in properties,is there anyway to force amd radeon card to work at 1600x1200 with 60hz but with game mode activate on my tv?

I want to unlock that box greyed out: hide modes that this monitors cannot display....