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blue screen error page on my hp notebook by installing AMD Radeon 530 Display Driver

Question asked by abdollah on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by abdollah

hi. about 7 month ago i bought this notebook and from first day that i power on it, after some minutes it runs to blue screen error page and auto restart and this problem repeated after every some minutes. i try many solution but not usefule until i uninstall AMD Radeon 530 Display driver from my loptop the error disappeard for ever. and even i check for online installation of driver but again after installing it, my loptop runs to blue screen error and again restarted. and i found that my notebook has problem with AMD display driver and i tested other version of this driver but not useful and error will appear by installing any version of AMD radeon 530 display driver. and about 7 monthes that i use my loptop without Any AMD display driver and it works good. but now i need to install this driver how can i do?

thanks alot. i am waiting for your answer.

my loptop : hp notebook 15 - bs104ne  with windows 10 home x64

Serial Number : CND8023T33
Product Number : 2ZJ97EA