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RX 580 PCI-E Power Question

Question asked by theredspirit on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by pokester

Ever since I got RX 580, I have been getting "wattman settings were reseted" on start-up or sometimes I get blank screen during POST. Sometimes this thing boots just fine. I will keep it short, does it exceed PCI-E power specification or not? RX 480 did that and RX 580 is just overclocked rebrand of it. I really hope that someone will give me some hope in this thing, because RX 580 is nothing but problems (Crazy amounts of heat, after 1 hour my whole room's temperature rises a few degrees and in area near desktop becomes Sahara, plus hot air is very dry. Power consumption. Yet thermals stay reasonable, around 70-75C. Performance is good, but it's a big turd otherwise)


Note: On my another computer RX 560 craps out in same fashion. Not gonna blame it on Radeon, since that thing has very weak mobo and it's possible that CPU may be causing those things. Even A4 6300 for that mobo was a bit too much. Once voltage was set in UEFI, problem went away.