OpenGL perfomance Mesa Linux vs Radeon software Windows 10

Discussion created by Qanatoz on Jan 27, 2019

Using RX560 16cu 4G 45w

For comparsion used Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition on Steam .

Linux distro Manjaro KDE 18.0.2 with recent updates. Manjaro - KDE - Stable 

Running game with maxed graphics(all options checked and maxed except vsync) with resolution 2048x1152 at ~120fps

Windows 10 with recent updates and driver 19.1.2 with resolution 2048x1152 at ~44fps

Do you even thinking about how to fix drivers?

Some free community fixed it in linux and you(AMD) can't?

Just do AMDGPU for Windows. We need open source drivers for windows.