Ryzen 2700X strange temps?

Discussion created by zap-world on Jan 27, 2019
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Hi. Ryzen 2700X. I bought it with stock cooler. It's ok. But in AIDA stress test with CPU FPU Memory and etc. it crashes (temps over 90).
Ok. I bought Thermalright Macho X2.
But situation the same - idle 41-47 deg., Work(render,3D,2D) 60-70. Stress test at peak 92. Average 88.

Ryzen Master won't work stable.

I don't overclock anything.
Why temperatures so high?
I use good case, MB temperature in tests about 32-35 deg.
If i trying to put finger on CPU cooler plate - there's about 40-50 deg in tests. But in AIDA and HWmonitor : more than 85...

Idle temps in Ryzen Master :