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Screen goes black when new GPU driver is available, I have to power off PC to recover. (R9 380 Series)

Question asked by analog-x64 on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by waltc

I've searched this issue but never found a solution for this problem. 

My Wife has a Radeon R9 380 series card, when there is a new driver available, its like the GPU is in sleep mode and wont wakeup.  The only way to recover is to press and hold the power button on the computer to force a power off and power back on to recover.

This happens everytime there is a new driver available without fail.

This problem followed the card.

I upgraded her computer by moving the GPU from a Windows 7 PC  to a new Windows 10 PC.

The problem followed the GPU so I cant blame it on the O/S or Computer.

So the only thing I can think of is the software for this GPU.

Radeon Software Version 19.1.1

Radeon Software Version: Adrenalin 2019