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Video Card Match, GTX 960 Matches a AMD ??? ???

Question asked by bigjoe11a on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by black_zion

A lot of players have told me to get an GTX 960 video card. well I been a AMD fan for 20 + years. I didn't want to get some thing other the AMD video cards sense I have their motherboards and CPU's. What AMD video card would be a match with a GTX 960, with at least 4 to 8 gbs of vram. I have a AMD R9 270 video card and there's only like 2gbs of vram and I have issues playing Games like Space Engineers and some other game like it. Just a lot of lag. The game that's a big issues is Modded Minecraft 1.7.10. My FPS is nothing faster the 10FPS. I just don't have $300 to spend on a video card. The card I have I only paid $150 for it 5 years ago. Any help would be great. Thanks