Vega Frontier : Bad Card or Driver Problem?

Discussion created by d69xx on Jan 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by hardcoregames™

System specs:

Windows 7

990x 1366 socket


1300 watt PSU

2 1080 Ti cards

Previously had an RX 480

No overclocking, 100% stable before installing the Frontier GPU

GPUs are water cooled, all temps read fine


I recently got a used Frontier card to use for distributed computing.  It has not been stable under compute load, in particular the BOINC MilkyWay@Home project.  It will hang, usually in a few minutes but sometimes after a few hours.  I've only gotten one blue screen so far, it said the driver was stuck in an infinite loop.  If there's any audio playing at the time it will play normally until the end.  When it crashes, Windows doesn't see the card unless I power the system down.  Applications running on the 1080 Tis are completely stable.


I've installed almost every driver released in the last year.  I've used both the DDU and AMD removal tools before installing new drivers.  I have noticed that the Wattman controls do not show at all, except for 18.q4.1 which does show the fan controls.  OverdriveNTtool shows the P states and voltage as well as fan speed, but does not let me change anything.  I get a message ErrorCode -8 ADL_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED - Function not supported by the driver.  Afterburner acts the same way, I can change values but they don't hold.


My question is whether I have a faulty card or there is a driver problem with my rig, maybe because of Windows 7, having Nvidia cards installed, or both.  I have a full water loop in the rig and don't want to do more extensive testing if the card is bad.


Thank you.