Ryzen 2700x High temps gaming with AIO Cooler

Discussion created by sarohan on Jan 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by black_zion

Hello there, I have recently completed my first custom PC build. I wonder if these temps are normal or should i do something about thermal paste or water cooler ?


My idle temps are around 38-45c sometimes it goes up to 50 or higher..  I read it was causing by core performance boost.
I did not any overlock. Only xmp2 enabled to ram fre. 3200mhz Core boost enabled, other setting are defult. My gaming temps are 60-67c. Is that normal ?
Here is my detailed system specs: 
Msi x470 gaming plus am4
Corsair vengeance 3200mhz 
Deep cool maelstorm 240t
Corsair carbide 275r


These are my current fan curve settings and temps.