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gtx 1050ti is better than vega 56???

Question asked by syavko on Jan 26, 2019

Greetings to everyone!!!
im little bit confused!!

recently i have upgraded from gtx 1050ti 4gb from gigabyte to vega 56 8gb from gigabyte.
and i have problems with performance.

in heroes of the storm i had 160 fps on ultra preset now i have 120 after upgrading my gpu in other games i have also freezes and decrease in performance. i use full hd rez and i have 144hz monitor with freesync.
and vega 56 positions like opponent for gtx 1070/1070ti  but it is slower than gtx 1050ti.

150ti i bought 2 yrs ago for 160 eur an vega 56 i bought before christmas on sale for 350 eur and addtioanali ispended 100 eur for psu upgrade from 500w to 750w and this gpu runs slower!!


im really angry!
what the hell is going on?

pubg, warframe, ring of elysium, heroes of the storm and battlerite royale shows lower performance.

14 days since buying are passed and i cant return it anymore to sho even...

i was hoping atleast for free games which i cant play now!

vega sucks...

i must use my old gpu to play better, that sucks guys, return my money really.

amd gpus is dog poo. if vega 56 cant outperform gtx 1050 ti then i think new generation navi will be total dog poo comparing to the rtx from nvidia.

and overlay is not confortable.

last time i had amd many years ago ati radeon x550 on 128 mb or 256 mb, but then it was good and now it sucks.

really im angry my money is wasted and i cant enjoy my games and planned things...

amd card is bad!!

im mad!!

vega is dog poo!!!

tell me!

tell me why!!!