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Why did AMD leave support for old BIOS?

Question asked by raex-d on Jan 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by raex-d

Why has AMD leave supporting old BIOS now? None of their latest drivers are compatible with devices having an old bios and the support forums say to be on the latest bios version. How can I be on the latest when the last version is the current latest available for that device. It's ridiculous if the company looses support for BIOS and doesn't update the bios for that particular device, we are stuck with an older version of gpu drivers. 


Many have reported this issue on the other forums, and idk if this is the right place or not but I'll be opening a ticket for it too after this. Do give some kind of an explanation or a warning not to update the drivers then, my driver version is 16.xx back from the 2017 and I can't use any of the latest version, yet it still keeps asking me to update.


My device is Acer aspire v5 122p with A6-1450 apu and Radeon HD 8250 gpu alongside it. Amd gives latest driver for the device on their website but the driver only produces lags overall on the display. Please take a note to this AMD you're losing customers this way, no matter how little. You still are.