Help me upgrading my Ram (should I?)

Discussion created by __tom_ on Jan 26, 2019
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Hello guys,

I was thinking about upgrading my current ram to a one with higher speed. I saw some benchmark on youtube and the average Frames where often higher as mine. Right now I just have 2 x 8gb of  2133mhz Ram and I want to buy a faster type of ram. I also heard that ryzen benefits from faster ram. 


My current system:

Ryzen 7 2700x

AMD Vega 64

16 GB DDR4 2133Ram (2x8 dual channel)

gigabyte x470 AORUS Ultra Gaming


Windows 10 64 bit


I made 3 tries in a benchmark (Time Spy)

Results:    Try 1: 6927

                 Try 2: 6821

                 Try 3: 6789



My questions:

Will I see an improvement of the FPS? Wich Ram should I buy? What good would faster ram do in general?


Maybe you have some general tips for me. Iam thankful for any answer. BTW sry for bad language... Iam from germany.