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i Need HELP (translated)

Question asked by m16thi on Jan 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by kc5vdj

Hello. Well, the reason I write is not a complaint or anything bad about AMD, or your community. The thing is that a while ago I had a computer, and AMD is the best brand I've tried in computing and the problem comes when I had to sell it to help my father finance an operation that I had to do the previous year. The fact is that I was always a fan of video games and I would like to have a computer where I can play but I am a student, I can not work and also in my family barely enough money for basic needs, I could not ask my father more than I can spend just because I want to have fun, I know that the person who reads my request can understand me, if he wanted to communicate with me it would have to be by mail because I do not have a cell phone either, it's a pity to have to write this, but I wanted to try it, and if they can give things to famous people who do not have the need for help, why could not they help me? please, would make a very happy child fulfilling the dream of being able to use a computer again to play, the time I was recovering after my operation, I would have loved to have an AMD computer to enjoy its excellence, I look forward to it Your message, Thanks for your time. PS: I do not ask for anything from the highest range, a small present or component would be very much. Thank you! The truth is that I have tried with several large companies, and none has been able to give me an answer with good news, I know that you receive thousands of requests like this one, and that maybe you do not have the resources to grant something to each request, In all ways, I appreciate your understanding and I have faith that you will give me good news, I could do what I can to receive some help, Thanks again