Black Screen on every transition of the game

Discussion created by moonlightsiren on Jan 25, 2019
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Hi guys, 
I am wondering why does everytime i play any game it always gives me a black screen to every transition it makes.

before it was barely but now its happening most often. when i turn on my computer then jump into a game like Rainbow Six Siege, it will open the game but on the loading screen it will make my monitor shut off then comes back as soon as the transition from the loading screen to the main menu/lobby of the game and it keeps going if i try to press "esc" for option it will shut off again before it shows me the whole option menu, and as for today i tried the free RE:2(Resident Evil 2) and does that multiple times and its kind of annoying me. the only fix that i have so far is to unplug my Display Port and plugging it back in, and there it will be fine but as soon as i put my PC to rest and well fire it up to start playing a different game it turns back on. *also sometimes it just wont turn on anymore and like the only fix i have unplug and plug which seems to fix the problem for the time being* 


i assume that this seems to be the problem on GPU or monitor but i dont really fiddle around my monitor



ROG STRIX XG27VQ 27in Curved FHD 144Hz VA LED LCD w/ AMD FreeSync

thanks guys more power to the RED!