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200GE with VEGA graphics no video output

Question asked by walter1 on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2019 by elstaci

Hello everyone,

i wanted to build a pc in my old NES, since it broke last year, and i was going to buy an Motherboard with an Intel CPU, but then i was like, why not go AMD with a CPU that has VEGA graphics, but its a knida rocky start :/

So here is the Problem:


  • Issue Description: I get no video out on bouth DVI / HDMI (also tryed with my 1050ti from my main rig), no beeps from the MB, no nothing! It says on the official Biostar website the processor is supported, so i don´t know if my processor or what is broken?
  • Hardware: Athlon 200GE with its Heat Sink, a BIOSTAR X370GTN Ver. 5.1, 8GB RAM, a 90W Pico PSU (maybe not enough power for the CPU?) , 120GB SSD and an old NES Case (thats why the Pico PSU)




Has anyone a solution / tip how to fix this?



Thanks in advance!