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Cannot switch graphic card

Question asked by ma'alech on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by ma'alech

My laptop are using 2 graphic card, Radeon R7(Primary/1024MB) & Radeon R8(Switchable/2048MB).

I've been encountered some problem, the R8 graphic card cannot be used / switched even if im using the Radeon Settings, i've tried to search about my problem but still cannot find an answer, I've already update the driver to latest version, also my radeon additional setting is missing, It feel laggy when im playing Fallout 4 / Skyrim even in low setting =/

My laptop Spec if you need it

Asus X555Q

AMD A12-9720P


Radeon R7 Graphic Card (Primary/master/integrated/switchable)

Radeon R8 M435DX Graphic Card (Linked/Discrete/Switchable)

Windows 10

For more information feel free to ask ^^