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PC freeze during driver installation Radeon 7850 HD

Question asked by st0zz on Jan 23, 2019

Hello, everyone !


So here I have a problem with installing the drivers of my Radeon 7850 HD graphics card, I can’t install them because otherwise my PC Freeze. Indeed it Freeze at the next step after decompression of the files making it impossible to install. My problem happened when I was partly video games, I had a screen with grey vertical lines my PC crashed at the same time. I rebooted it and couldn’t reboot it in normal mode, I had to boot it in fail-free mode in order to uninstall the graphic card and its drivers, so I was able to access the normal mode. Before this problem all work properly, the graphics card drivers were up to date and Windows too.


Here is my version of Windows:

cg 1.PNG


Thank you in advance for your help which will be very valuable to me!


PS: I’m French, so I’m sorry about the translation.