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Huge Issues with AMD driver - RX580

Question asked by adredt on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by pokester

Hi Everyone,


I hope you can help me with issues i have with my Gigabyte RX580 8GB graphics card.

i have some strange issue with amd driver itself, everytime i switched pc off and turned it on again next day,

i had huge fps drops in all games, and Radeon driver app forces me to install same driver version again and again.

installation of the same version of driver and reboot helped, until i turned it off again or left pc idle for some time.

But yesterday with new 19 update it went much worse. With the latest update it forces me to update to same version again, but

this time it just doesn't work. it says something like it didnt detect the current driver or something, only solution is to completely uninstall

driver with DDU v18.0.0.7 and download new driver from amd website.

It takes long time and its annoying as hell doing same thing everytime i turn my pc on, especially when you do it everyday from christmas, and now its just got worse with latest update. Can someone help me please? i am currently desperate and i dont want to reinstall everything with DDU



Things i tried and didnt work :

- i ran DISM and SFC commands

- uninstalled drivers with DDU as i mentioned

- Restored windows

- Erased all files on my pc

- downloaded new Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files

- i updated bios, windows, etc.

- uninstalled antivirus as well


I'am gonna try some things again and see if this is gonna help, but i dont think it will.


Specs :


Motheboard : Gigabyte H77M-D3H

CPU : Intel Core i5 2500 (Quad Core 3,33ghz)

RAM : 8gb

GPU : Gigabyte Aorus RX 580 8GB of course

i have 700W power supply if that matters.


Older pc except graphics, but everything is working perfectly.

Games like Rainbow six siege Smooth 90+ fps on ultra,

Dishonored2 65FPS Ultra, Far cry 5 75FPS+ Ultra etc.