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AMD Rewards Support not responding?

Question asked by samrose298 on Jan 23, 2019
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I brought a computer from Ebuyer, who provided me a with a Game Coupon for my purchase, they advised to redeem this through the AMD rewards site. I registered my account and upon entering my code, it advised that I needed to download a verification program to ensure my system was relevant to the code I had recieved. I did this, once installed and ran, the program then informed me that it was not a genuine copy and that I need to re-install, so I did. and got hit with the same message. I then tried going through the support section to raise a ticket which also advised that it could not be sent. So I emailed, this was on the 14th January . I am still awaiting a reply.. Has anyone else had a similar issue or can advise what I need to do?


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