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pc freezes when updating

Question asked by cotedor on Jan 21, 2019
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Some time ago i had to do a windows recovery, resetting it back to begin.

i thought everything was doing well for some time, until my load time for games eg took longer as before, i figured it could have to do with the videocard, and whn i looked it up i saw that my current videocard is the Intel hd graphis instead of the radeon 8670m i had expected to see. Knowing this i went to devicemanager (had also checked here to see about the videocard, only intel hd graphics was mentioned under display) and saw the basic videocontroller was missing, updated it and amd 8670m appeared under display. i went on to check the version, it currently is  15.201 , states its working correctly.


Obviously i went on to update this, went to the amd page, downloaded the update package, and started installing. i tried it about 4 times now, and i will try again soon. what happend is that on different stages of the installing procces the laptop would completely freeze up (44%, 72%, 64%). This makes it neccesary for me to do a hard shutdown.

after hard shutdown the laptop freezes on startup, making me have to do a recovery to a recovvery point.


as you can imagine this last things make it very boring, laptop is working ok withouth, but at the moment it seems the amd videocard is not working and i would like to play a videogame sometimes (the intelHDgraphics has a whopping 128 mb vram i think this is the reason i am expiriencing long load times these days.


The questions this all comes down to is, what can i do? is the videocard broken? is the softwarebroken? is there some tool i can use to scan for this problem?


if you need any information let me know, thanks for helping me in these difficult times