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vulkan unable to allocate memory

Question asked by fwgreuter on Jan 21, 2019
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I started a new job.

First assignment is to find out if existing video encoding using intel GPU can be faster by replacing intel with AMD GPU.

We are running on ubuntu 18.04 and have a board with AMD GPU

I downloaded AMF code and compiled and linked the simpleEncode sample code.

Since it links I assume the libraries are in place.


When I start the program is crashes even before it hits an breakpoint in the first line of main().

On my screen I see:

0119-00-21 14:54:42 D3A10740 [AMFEncoderVulkan]   Error: ../../../../../runtime/src/components/EncoderVulkan/EncoderVulkanH264Impl.cpp(265):Assertion failed:AllocateEncoderMemory() resOR: Unable to allocate Vulkan device memory for encoder(resor code : 0xFFFFFFFE)


Any has a hint how to fix this?


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