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Error 1603 - tried EVERYTHING short of buying a new graphics card.

Question asked by ariearie on Jan 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by s.r.marsh

At the last update of drivers the update process failed with error 1603. I have tried every single suggestion that I found on these forum and the AMD support pages. Nothing works!




Asus PRIME X399-A

Ryzen 2950x

32g ram

Samsung SSDs

Radeon R9 380

Windows 10 Pro


Here is what I have tried:

Uninstalled the failed drivers: in safe mode, using the AMD cleanup utility. and the install failed

Scanned the system as suggested my AMD and both tests came back clean.

Uninstalled the drivers again, this time using DDU (in safe mode), and the install failed.
I deleted the Microsoft C++ libraries, clean up the drivers as above,  tried to reinstall and I get the same 1603 error.


I have tried all the above steps using drivers 18.2.2 and agan with 19.1.1, all failed
I have tried the above steps with using Windows Update to find and install the drivers, and it fails as well.



I have read all the posts here that mention Error 1603, I have tried all the recommendations that apply to my type of system, and none worked. 


So fare I have spent 2 days dealing with this. This is nuts! I am at my wits' end, I am actually considering buy a new graphics card so I can have a working system. 


I hope someone here could help with a solution to this because the system is not very usable right now (running on a generic VGA driver).