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R9 390x Drivers Not Loading

Question asked by pudding_procrastinator on Jan 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2019 by kingfish

So I've got this weird issues regarding my graphics card and its software not loading. I had the AMD Adrenaline software installed and it was working great and then i realized it doesn't have relive installed so i downloaded the latest version from AMD and reinstalled the software only to find that now it wouldn't load at all. Instead i get the loading symbol next to my cursor repeatedly flashing. I figured it was just a build issue so i downloaded an older version and installed that uninstalling any newer versions and i get the same result.


From there i decide to install Radon Crimson instead and after testing the recommend and newest versions both gave me the same blinking cursor and no actual software. It still works as a driver since im not getting frame drops in games but im unable to control my fans and clock speeds. Its become annoying and no one i ask seems to know how to fix it. Someone Help!!