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My gpu(and apu) driver keeps getting corrupted and resulting in 'video tdr failure' or 'thread stuck in device driver' Bsod

Question asked by supreem on Jan 20, 2019

My Spec: Lenovo G50-45(80e301n3in) with a8-6410 apu, 8gb ram, 1 tb hdd and r5 m330(2 gb) gpu.

This all happened after a windows update(windows 10), I was playing far cry 3 on dx11 and My whole laptop froze and I had to force shutdown my laptop and restart it again. After I restarted it I saw my both my gpu and apu's drivers with a small yellow exclamation mark(in device manager) indication driver corruption so I decided to reinstall it. Those drivers got corrupted right after I reinstalled them. Then I decided to download latest driver again and install but this time everything went fine, I restarted my laptop after driver installation, when I opened game Bsod came up. No matter what application I open if it uses directx I get Bsod with either of those 2 error mentioned in the headlines. My laptop encounters Bsod even if a prompt popup(like 'do you want to run this application as administrator?'). Things work fine If I use Microsoft basic display driver but I cant do gaming on that. I tried disabling(and replacing)my apu's driver with microsoft's basic display driver, things work fine but my gpu wont even switch on without my apu running.

What all I did till now:

I tried reinstalling driver multiple times(different versions too)

I tried DDU

I tried Clean install of Windows 10

Ran memory test(bios memory test) to check If I had bad ram, None of these worked so far.


But Strangely things work really fine in Linux Ubuntu(I tried dual booting) but Its a pretty bad choice for gaming afaik. Is my gpu or gpu on my apu dead or is this some weird problem that can be fixed?