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Since 3 days ago ive been having fps issues

Question asked by kashix on Jan 19, 2019

Hi to everyone!

First i have to say that my english level is a bit low, so if you don't understand something, i apologize.


Since 4 days ago, more or less, i'm having FPS issues in every games. I've tried to reboot to default settings my  computer and  updating the videocard's drivers with AMD Software.

Can you tell me some solutions? I'm scare if the problem is the card and no the software. Guess it started after of a windows update or AMD software update. But, as i said, i rebooted my pc to default settings and I'm still having issues.


If you could share with me 5 patch, more or less, drivers of my card to try if i fix this issue, i would appreciare it a lot. I'm actually using version 18.12.2 and im going to try the optional version 19.1.1. I will let you updated about my issue.


My PCs specifications are these:

CPU: i5 7400 3,3Ghz

AMD RX 480 (4Gbs)

RAM: 8 Gbs (4 x 2)

Motherboard:  h110m-s2h


Thank you for your time.



- Guess version 19.1.1 improved a bit the performance in the computer, at least LoL is running better.

- I've improved the performance of League of Legends priorizing the proccess among each others, but  still getting FPS issues.

- OSU! is worst than ebfore the reboot to default settings.