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HDMI Scaling control not displaying

Question asked by lalaland on Jan 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by nolife

Hi I have an R9 Nano and recently turned my PC back on after a few months of a break. Once windows had gotten through it's various updates and I updated my drivers I was dismayed to discover the HDMI overscan issue had come back up. I can't fix it though as it's at the driver level, if I set the display to 1080p I get no overscan. My display chain is Club3D DP->hdmi2.0 to my LG C7 4k HDTV. This setup used to show me the scaling controls on whatever driver revision I was using a year ago but not anymore for some reason.


Win10 1803

Driver 18.12.2 -> Clean Install


What can I do in the registry to force the HDMI scaling controls back on screen?

What registry settings can I add instead to disable this scaling?

Why the hell does it do this anyway this setting was for CRTs for gods sake?