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Random Black Screens with new XFX RX 580 GPU

Question asked by critswift on Jan 19, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by talmar

System Configuration

Motherboard: MSI z370 SLI

CPU: Intel i5-8400, 6 Core, 2.81GHz


GPU: XFX AMD RX 580 GTS Black Edition 8GB

VBIOS: 113-58085SHB1-W91

Driver: 19.1.1

OS: Windows 10 x64 Version 1803, 17132.523

PSU: EVGA 80+ 600W

Display: LG 4K IPS FreeSync Monitor



Hi guys, I recently changed to an AMD card but I am having some issues. My screen randomly flashes black for about a second, before continuing to operate normally. Sometimes it flashes multiple times in a row or in quick succession. There is no specific cause or game, it has happened in Dota 2, CS:GO, and LoL.


All the hardware was used without problem with my previous graphics card, a PNY GTX 1060 6GB. This problem has only arisen since swapping to the AMD card. I did reinstall Windows when I did this hardware swap (for an unrelated reason).


Any ideas on what's causing it? I did turn off FreeSync which seems to have reduced the rate at which it occurs, but doesn't entirely remove it (and it may just be coincidence). Is my PSU too low now? I have heard AMD cards take more power. I also notice the fans spin quite intensely when I game -- again, I have heard AMD cards run hotter as well, so I am just making sure its not the cause.