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AMD Game Codes, No Code [Amazon]

Question asked by root-access on Jan 18, 2019
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I purchased a RX 570 from Amazon the other day and it arrived today. It was from ASUS. It showed the AMD game codes on the page and I checked to see if Amazon was participating in the 3 game code event thing and they were, so I went ahead and ordered it. However, when adding to the cart I had no idea it was auto adding a sub-seller from Amazon and didn't know until I just checked today after noticing there were no codes in the box and that I wasn't emailed anything. Does buying from Amazon sub-sellers mean you do not qualify? Do I seriously have to return and rebuy from ASUS directly via Amazon to participate? Or can I just provide proof of purchase or something?


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I also didn't get the box advertisement trial for wtfast for 6 months.




Amazon support told me to contact ASUS for the codes, stating they weren't the ones that provided them in the first place (saying that even if I had purchased from them directly, they wouldn't have sent them) so now I'm really confused on what the process was supposed to be.