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Getting BSoD while streaming minecraft using GPU encoder

Question asked by heliopoliss on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by heliopoliss

Issue Description: When i start to stream Minecraft using GPU encoder i get BSoD in 40 or less minutes. After restarting my computer and starting streaming again i get BSoD usually in 40 minutes. Changing encoding settings seems to have no effect. Trying only to record the game is seems to be fine, BSoD occurs only when i stream real time. Temperature of GPU is ~86 C when i get BSoD, bad PSU seems to be not the case since other a lot more demanding games run fine for hours at the temperature of ~93 C (i know i have a problems with cooling though its not relevant for the topic).


Hardware: GPU MSI R9 390, CPU FX-8320E, MoBo Asus M5A78L-M LX3, 8 GB of RAM, PSU FSP 600PNR-I


Software: OS Win7 SP1, Game Minecraft 1.13.2, Driver 19.1.1, OBS 21.1.2 for the stream


Can someone help me please? I have tried to search for the problem but i didnt find anything useful.


UPD: Updated OBS to 22.0.2 seems problem is solved, was streaming for 3 hours without any problems. Now i feel little embarrased that i posted here before doing everything i was able to. If smth will go wrong i will post here. I want to delete this thread but i think better to let it be so anyone who will get similiar problem can find this thread.


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