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2400g monitor problems

Question asked by pheonix1 on Jan 18, 2019

New build, 2400g. Hoping AMD can provide a list of compatible monitors. I am not sure it's a B450 chipset problem, as I've seen B350 chipsets mentioned also. It's probably not a motherboard issue, mine ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac, as I've seen different boards and manufactures also. It is possible it's a BIOS setting, and manufactures haven't figured it out. ASRock's tech support was useless, sent me a 90s article on building and testing a new build, was awesome to see older technology. I would prefer AMD provide a solution other than purchase a monitor to build a system, but if not, a decent list or specifications one must get when purchasing a 2400g/monitor system. To qualify my request: symptom was no display on new build. The new build behaved as a system that would enter BIOS (F2) and hold. When not trying to enter BIOS (no F2) it would behave as if booting from live usb OS. Solution: plug into a TV. That was found by reading multiple articles, bad reviews of monitors, and hopelessness feeling of desperation. The commonality of problems to those articles was the 2400g and an AMD chipset. To help AMD, or another, my monitor is Acer K272HL, connected by HDMI to DVI-D cable. Cabled tested by non 2400g computer, works. TV connected HDMI to HDMI.