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AMD boot kit :(

Question asked by rodrigomtz on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by pheonix1

Hello, I have requested the amd boot kit because when I tried to mount my ryzen 3 2200g in the asus prime B350M-E it did not show video on the monitor, so I investigated and saw more people with this same processor and Mother board that should update the Mother board, I also found out that amd offered this kit to be able to update the BIOS of the Mother board, I have already received the first 2 emails, but I do not know how much later to ask me for the images that prove this problem, I have communicated with the store where I bought the components but they are not responsible for such updating of the BIOS, maybe I am somewhat impatient , but I had read that it did not take so long to request such photos, I do not know if there is someone from AMD who can support me with this problem, because I had in mind to have the computer ready for the following week because I will need it for school.


I add the ticket number: {ticketno:[8200856060]}


Sorry if there is any understanding issue, i got a little bit helps from Google translate.