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AMD Radeon Settings Végső állapot: Sikertelen(not succes)  Tétel verziója: 2019.0109.1906.34385  Méret(size): 150 Mbyte  I mean  when i try to update my video card , (rx460 2gb) , I can't update all drivers, what sould I do? fx6300 , 8gb ram, win10 64bit,

Question asked by rozsdamentes on Jan 17, 2019

what should I do? All the time its failed when i try, i bought this video card about 3 years ago, and I get this fail all the time from about 1 years ago , please help me, my games are slow , what game did 200fps, now just 40-70 , what did ~60fps, now 20-30 , I can't understand