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Installing Vulkan Standalone (without latest drivers)?

Question asked by bik95122 on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by elstaci

I want Vulkan for 2 reasons, first to play Vulkan supported Games, and to Learn Vulkan API for Game Development.


I am 100% sure people here may come advise me to install Latest Drivers, which i really want to but simply can't, reason here as AMD driver install on any windows version, "system" process start hopping 10% to 20% constantly, why? , its not about my hardware support problem, AMD claim support on Download Driver Page, so its a bug since 2016 version drivers and AMD Don't seems to be fixing it and i am not going to buy any new Hardware soon as well (not Specially AMD after all this mess)


moving on, please let me know how can i Just install latest Vulkan package with sideby AMD driver version 15, may be any workaround way like "extract" Vulkan package from Latest driver installer (of my supported hardware) and place files manually, i know sounds stupid, but i need it any way, Please Atleast do this Favor AMD... thakyou