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A10 9700E CPU voltage - graphic instability?

Question asked by perlos on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by perlos

Hi i have 1 month old A10 9700E + ASUS Prime B350M-A + Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red 8GB DDR4 2666 + old Forton 550W. And Win 10 Pro x64.


PC restart graphic adapter every 10-30+- minutes. Mostly when played online video (chrome has denied access to graphic card) system protocol sad AMDKMDAP drive stop responding... When i set Frequence and multiplier self its more stable, but still some windows services collapse and after some time it freeze and crash (Some time in Blue Screen). When i set on board power safe mode, on windows too and limit CPU max to 70% it looks stable (some times litte lags).


I try flash Bios, install newest Drivers with clean up first.

Run memTest86 - pass, prime 95, Intel Burn Test and FurMark and then it looks stable. But still browser (chrome, firefox, opera) video falling.


After that I try digging hwInfo and:

RAM voltage, CL Mhz looks good by manual (stable on 1.2V 15-17-17-35)

CPU temperature on load is good below 45°C

CPU voltage is horrible. Base voltage by manual is 1.1 V.

Bios VDDCR CPU Voltage 1.11 - don't know what is it and how to set

CPU no load 0.8375 / NorthB. 0.8562

GPU stress NorthBridge 1.0313


CPU stress at 70% power safe 0.9875, asus optional 0.85

CPU stress at 85% power safe 1.05, asus optional 0.95

CPU stress at 100% power safe 1.375, asus optimal 1.2688


I thing my motherboard has wrong CPU Voltage management with power safe APU. Id like to know which Voltage borders has my CPU? And wtich VDDCR voltage i can set? (I dont find CPU voltage in bios settings)

Is possible that MB burn my CPU (1.1 -> 1.375)? And how can i check it?