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Both 18.12.2 and 19.1.1 freeze my computer, *** are you people doing?

Question asked by bullfrog84 on Jan 16, 2019

So I did a restart yesterday prior to installing the new 19.1.1. driver I just got a notification for and low and behold my computer starts freezing as it does every ****ing time there is an update (prior to the install for seemingly no reason what-so-ever). So I took a deep breath and installed the new driver restarted only to boot the recovery screen...??? So I continue past the restore and for some reason it continues to load windows (10). Windows pops up confirming installation and voila, the screen is still freezing and now, in addition, my computer takes almost 5 minutes to do a simple restart. I don't know what the hell you guys are changing, but it's not working - still... I'm going to try and go back to find a driver before 18.12.2 since it is no longer stable either. Another part that sucks about this is when the drivers aren't current, my display is not recognized as 4k monitor and all the content is downgraded... I keep asking myself why I keep buying this crap, but then I look over at nvidia and intel and their overpriced world and I'm beginning to wonder what's to loose except more money since AMD can't keep anything stable.