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Bad performance of Fury Nitro at cold boot (and bad Sapphire support)

Question asked by interference on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by pokester

I am the owner of a Fury Nitro since almost two years. Performance-wise I love the board for 1440p gaming and as a Linux user AMD is basically my go-to option.


The problem I have with the board is that very often after a cold boot (and less frequently after a normal reboot) the graphics performance is terrible, making the card unusable. A reboot usually cures the issue. I am running a Z97 platform (Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H) with a i5-4590 as CPU and a Corsair RM650i power supply.


TimeSpy benchmarks:

- regular:

- problem:


To summarise my troubleshooting so far:

- the problem has survived through several iterations of drivers updates, so it's safe to assume is driver independent;

- system BIOS reset didn't change anything

- affects both Linux and Windows in the same way, when it happens on Linux also 2D performance/compositor are affected, and all the desktop experience is sluggish, so it's OS independent;

- does not reflect on anomalies on the core voltage or clocks (everything looks regular);

- I have bought a Sapphire RX580 8Gb Nitro+ and the performance with the board has been rock solid for 1 week of testing;

- I have tried the same Fury Nitro on an older LGA775 motherboard without being able to reproduce the problem (same power supply).


So I am at a dead end. Playing with the board is feasible but having to reboot at least once 90% of the times is a pain. Selling the board will be complicate, due to possible problems (no way to test the issue without few days of testing on the host system). Putting it on a secondary system is hardly an option due to the huge size and power requirement.


Any recommendation on further troubleshooting?



In addition, I think I should mention Sapphire support has not been of any help:

- after a quite detailed explanation on my side in the first message, they gave me a standard answer with useless suggestions (like updating drivers and patching games, after I explained that the problem was not OS or game-related and after providing benchmarks);

- asked me to test on another motherboard/system which in the end I did, after that they told me again to try the new driver;

- I told them I was willing to retrieve an identical board to check that the problem is not dependent on my system, but they told me that in any case RMA is not possible because the board is outside the warranty period (which is not true, I am in Europe and entitled to a 2 year warranty) and has been "phased out" (so what?)

I understand the issue is subtle to pin-down and they are not willing to take in an RMA for something that may be an issue on the user side, but I offered to do any kind of test to verify that the issue is with the board and not with my system (I was ready to buy a second used Fury for that), still I am quite disappointed with the inconsistency of their answer.