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radeon rx560 low fps all games

Question asked by showertime on Jan 16, 2019
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Recently i have purchased a lenovo y520 laptop with an intel i7 processor and an amd rx560 gpu.

My problem is that i have really low fps that demands a little bit of gpu in lowest settings.

It is so bad that i have 18-20 fps in borderlands2! on lowest settings on full hd resolution.

in this case the gpu is only around 40-50 used yet im still lagging.

On the other hand GTA V and assasins creed odyssey uses 100% of gpu yet even on the lowest settings i cant get above 24 FPS  even though i only use 1500 mb from the 4gb of memory.

The drivers are up to date, the charger is plugged in and i am out of ideas on what to do.


Any ideas?