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FX-6300 Only Showing 1 Core & 2 Logical Processors

Question asked by matda82 on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2019 by matda82

Hi All,


I am new to PCs, and have recently been enjoying the power of my first ever PC build, as I have been able to hit 100 fps on high settings in games like Insurgency and War Thunder with my FX-6300 processor, and a powerful GPU.


However, a few days ago, after trying to boot my computer it came up with an error upon booting message, and gave me the option to choose 'Default' or 'Last Known Good Configuration'.


As I was reading this I didn't notice the 12 second countdown that it gives you to choose an option, and so after the 12 seconds, it automatically picked 'Default', since that's what was initially highlighted when the message came up.


Since trying to play games on my PC since this error message, I noticed that my games were reaching consistently lower frame rates (now 40-45), as well as frequent fps drops when I enter a lot of mouse inputs (particularly on Insurgency and other FPS games), resulting in framerate drops as low as 25-30.


Having looked at my task manager whilst running games, the main readouts for the CPU graph were:

Cores: 1

Logical Processors: 2

L1 Cache: 96 KB (rather than 288 KB)

L2 Cache: 2.0 MB (rather than 6.0 MB)

L3 Cache: 8.0 MB (correct size for CPU)

And before any of you ask: yes. I did change the CPU task manager graph from overall utilisation to logical processors and got the same readout.


Now I know that these readouts incorrect, since the FX-6300 has both 6 cores and 6 logical processors.


Bearing in mind that this 1 core and 2 processor readout was what I got whilst I was running a game - this is what I believe is what is causing my lower frame rates.


What's more, having downloaded HW Monitor to view my core temperatures, I saw that under the 'Temperatures' section for my CPU, it only showed the package temperatures, and under the 'Utilisation' and 'Clocks' sections, it only showed readouts for 2 cores rather than 6. This confirmed in my head that only 2 cores maximum were being utilised by my CPU. I have attached screenshots of the relevant readouts.


Can anyone help me fix this?


Thank you very much in advance!