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AMD A6-5200 SATA driver

Question asked by jg623 on Jan 15, 2019
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I'm having trouble with my Lenovo G505. All I wish to do is install Windows, however its been very frustrating.


I need the SATA AHCI driver for the windows installation to go through. My USB's don't recognise at the installation part so I've had to manually mount them into the .iso

I have searched on the Lenovo support for the drivers (which is a .exe, I extracted it and couldn't find) and AMD for my CPU (chipset drivers, which is also .exe - extracted and nothing)


I've got as far as "Select driver to install" in windows 10 installation. I just need the right driver.


I've already exhausted the Lenovo forums to no success. Phoned their technical support and they said "try reinstall windows" I said "that's what I'm trying to do!"

They then said to send the laptop in and the "engineers will have a look" - lol.


So its been a pointless task of asking Lenovo. I don't know why they don't list the driver on its own (.inf)

The one I managed to find and mounted, doesn't work for my system.


I managed to install this before my hard drive failed before, a few years back without any issues so If someone could help I would greatly appreciate it.