Crossfire capable Radeon cards

Discussion created by skyshay001 on Jan 15, 2019
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Hey there AMD community forum users, I'm currently on a journey to build the best bang for the buck crossfire capable computers. As so, I need to know a few things about crossfir'ing. Firstly so I'm having my eyes on 2 Radeon cards, the R9 360 and the HD 7750. Firstyl because they're really cheap and still strong in 2019. Secondly because they're available locally on my area. And finally because my friend have them and I'm willing to help take one of these off of him and buy the same one to crossfire. Which of these cards do I take on this challenge ? And on to the questions :

1. Are these cards even crossfire'able?

2. Do I need a crossfire bridge and where can I get this those officially ?

3. What are some things I need to look out for ?

4. Should I just go with one of AMD APU and use one of the cards route ?

Thanks for your time and have a great day my dudes.