Weird dependency between graphics driver and bluetooth/WLAN drivers

Discussion created by laminutederire on Jan 15, 2019

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, as I was playing CS:GO on the latest recommended drivers 18.12.2, I happened to have a significant crash needing a hard reset. Afterwards, the fan profile was rather off, performance was however still adequate on the graphics department. However, it seemed that my wifi connection became laggy at that exact point in time, and the bluetooth just completely dissapeared. As any normal person would do, I tried uninstalling the drivers to those to no avail. As I was starting to get rather annoyed, I said to myself I'd just play a bit to relax, and since I noticed there was an optional driver update for my r9 fury, I just went along and did it. After rebooting, bluetooth came back, the fan profile remained like it used to before the crash, and I'd have to check more thoroughly, but it seemed the wifi recovered its old sself as well. Now is raised the question: How come reinstalling the graphics drivers solved wireless connections drivers? My guess would be that there is a dependency between the two, and if so, it should be noted that it can have rather important side effects in case of malfunction, that should be kept in mind in the driver development.

I hope that'll help keeping the driver quality up as it has been so far for a few years now.

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