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Unable to force Anti-aliasing on ARK throught the driver software

Question asked by maniac86 on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2019 by dom324

Hi everyone ! I don't speak well english so, sorry in advance for my english speaking, i'll try to do my best.


I recently bought a RX570. I'm  trying to force Anti-aliasing for the game ARK,  throught the radeon setting panel but it has no effect at all.
I am very surprised, i select the overinding AA mode, 8x or 8xEQ, tried every AA type (MSAA, adaptive aa, and SSAA). I tried these options in both the ARK profile and the general profile, but absolutely no effect in quality, no drop of fps as expected. It's pretty sure now, forcing AA in this game don't work at all. I tried successfully the same operation with others games, it worked.

It's my first AMD gpu, i'm surprised to have issue to force AA. My driver is the 19.1.1.



I browse the forum to find similar issues, but most of the time, there are no answers or some genius that suggest to reinstall windows 10.


Have you idea to how to solve this issue, any suggestion?