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Issues with rx460 after updating to 19.1.1

Question asked by cringer1 on Jan 14, 2019

So I was just looking around and noticed that there was an AMD settings update (Adrenalin). I didn't really need to update considering the rx460 I'm using ran perfectly fine and I am not one to tweak settings too much. However, i decided to do it just because why not. It caused so many problems for me immediately and now I am just stick in a very frustrating loop.

As i was doing the update it black-screened my monitor and disabled my GPU momentarily. So no problem, I plugged my HDMI into the MB slot and got signal through the R7 integrated graphics. Well when the update finished and i opened up the pretty new display, the R7 was now my primary GPU. I figured this was not an issue and just went into to bios to switch my video settings. Boom, fixed that and went to boot while plugged into the rx460 and it just sat on my boot screen displaying the lenovo logo. I sat and watched this for who knows how long and very frustrated. I plugged back into the R7 and it was waiting for me at the windows login screen. I went back into AMD settings and it still said the R7 was my primary GPU. I repeated this process a couple times and nothing changed. I went into device manager and rolled back my rx460 driver and for some reason this is what fixed the problem. This fix is only temporary and i cannot reboot or shut down my computer as it causes the issue I am discussing.

If i restart my pc while plugged into the rx460 I can see the boot screen and access bios but after exiting bios i lose signal again and have to plug back int the R7. So besides my quick fix I really have no idea whats going on here. Very frustrating either way.

I hope someone can help.


PC build:

AMD A10-7800 with Radeon R7 integrated graphics

Radeon rx460 Discrete GPU

Currently on Radeon Software Version 18.12.2