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driver crash bsod

Question asked by sugarqfx on Jan 14, 2019

it seems with the latest adrenaline driver 18.12.2 and the optional; 19.1.1 driver my computer when i try to update it, it crashes BSOD while installing. I have a R9 280x video card, windows 10 with latest update 1809.

from what I can summarize it has something to do with the latest driver update. I tried installing the older version and it works without no problems. took me quite a while to figure it out. but installing any of the old crimson relive driver works, and then I tried installing older adrenaline drivers like 18.8.2 and that works too. so I can only conclude that it has definitely has something to do with the newer driver. at first i thought it could have been a windows update file but ive tracked it down to the newest amd driver update! cant believe AMD rushed this one out!